My Crazy Heart

Oh, my heart

It keeps sighing

Broken promises linger in my mind

But all it ever wanted

To fulfill your heart desire.


Your memories makes it restless

My heart doesn’t listen to me

There’s sweet intoxication

Everything seem a blur

My heart doesn’t know a thing.


It belonged to me but now a stranger’s

Just don’t understand

Sometimes, it’s silent; other times, it sings aloud

It sings of your praise

Are you real or are you just an illusion?


You dwell in me

In my heart, like life

Just like raindrop in the desert

like a story

That conveys from the heart.


When it sees you

It runs after you with a smile

It’s obsessed with you

You’re it’s peace

You should know that it’s crazy about you.


Though unexpected are the melodies that come

When  the heart goes crazy

But I wish the memories never come crushing

Like the waves in the ocean

Because like the eclipse, the darkness come.


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