A Thirst For Love


Like an affection unfulfilled

You hold me in an elation, thrilled

And now

The consummation of that elation in your arms

Is all I wish from you.

In my heart of hearts

How I wish

To splash you with my colours of life

In every mood to match my rhythm

That’s all I need from you

If only you say yes

Then life can spring forth

From the fountainhead

I’d pour my pearls of life

Upon your path

My gossamer dreams are cast in glasses

As I ford my night in dark

fearful, lest my fantasies shatter

My hopes are inflamed

Yet I fear, lest some tempest

Put out my flame

As I wait for a lone yes to  turn on the spring of joy

In a culmination of my dreams

In the euphoria of your embrace

That’s all I desire

The Moon over me in the skies

Where dense dark clouds hover

I wish this Moon is never overcast

A fervent solitary; a pacing heart

And not a moment’s peace

Makes my story beautiful

Relentless is the desire

For an affection unfulfilled

Your provision of sufficient response

For the thirst of my love


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