You Don’t Need The World To Get Married


I have often talked to colleagues and younger men alike who often will always say, “I am trying to get one or two things together and then, I will get married”

Sometimes, I often nod my head and just pass on – because I know the man neither has drive, or determination to face life, so I won’t even bother advising him to.

Other times, I say to the person, “my friend, if you want to get one or two things before you marry, you never will.” It doesn’t mean don’t get a job – it only means you cannot get the whole world before marrying – for all you know, your wife could be your whole world. You see there are ONLY 2 occasions in the Bible when a person was described as “Ha Ish” – The Great Man. Once when Adam took Eve to be his wife and once when Isaac sowed and became very wealthy.

Marriage and certain levels of wealth can make a man GREAT. Great in a lot of ways – it pushes you to give out your best, work harder, become responsible, create life, impart life, create a nation, nurture destiny. Did you even know it is Biblical, that some vows/curses on a woman can only be removed by her husband, you even become the direct representative of God to others- there are many many many things you will never do except you marry – because it brings them out of you.

The only reason why you are afraid of marrying her is not because you are incapable – I think you are afraid of how Great You could actually become.

Go and be Great!


                                                                                                                                        Marricke Kofi Gane


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